About HOTReady

HOTReady is the Heart of Texas Council of Governments’ regional preparedness initiative.  In February 2003, the national Ready campaign was launched by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  The Homeland Security Division of the Heart of Texas Council of Governments identified early on that the citizens of our region needed additional information that directly related to the threats and hazards in our region, consisting of Bosque, Falls, Freestone, Hill, Limestone, and McLennan Counties.  In 2008, HOTReady was born.

In its infancy, the HOTReady website provided information and training opportunities to the emergency managers, responders, and elected officials of the region.  However, we soon found the need to be able to share information with the citizens that we collectively serve.  In mid-2012, the HOTCOG Homeland Security Division rebranded the HOTReady site and incorporated a number of new features and information.

Today, HOTReady provides the citizens and responders of the region a single place to obtain essential information and resources necessary to ensure that our region is prepared for emergencies and disasters of all types.  Now a regional preparedness campaign, HOTReady facilitates citizen registration in the regional emergency notification system.  HOTReady also provides a number of volunteer opportunities, as well as training, exercises and meetings that impact preparedness at the local, regional, state, and federal levels.

The HOTReady website is maintained by the Heart of Texas Council of Governments’ (HOTCOG) Homeland Security Division staff using State Homeland Security Grant Program funding.  Questions about HOTReady, as well as technical support issues, may be directed to HOTCOG staff at ENS@hot.cog.tx.us or by telephone at (254) 292-1800.