Free Pipeline Response Training Available Online

The Texas Division of Emergency Management’s Hazardous Materials Unit, in cooperation with the national Association of State Fire Marshals, the American Petroleum Institute, and the Association of Oil Pipe Lines, are now offering the awareness, operations, and technician-level pipeline response courses in an online format.  There is NO COST to complete the courses.

Students may register for the courses on the website.  To locate the course offerings, search for the appropriate course code from the homepage of PreparingTexas.  Course codes for each course are identified below along with a brief description of the course.  Once registered, students will receive an email from TDEM with instructions on how to access the online courses.  Each month, completion certificates will be added to the participating students’ transcript if the course is completed.  While PreparingTexas shows a single date for the course, the courses are accessible at all times.

Pipeline Awareness (Course Code: H-110e): This introductory eLearning course for responders outlines basic identification information and covers basic pipeline system components and operations.

Pipeline Operations (Course Code: H-210e): This intermediate level course is for first responders, who in the course of their normal duties, may respond to pipeline emergencies.  The course is designed to provide hazard information to help responders protect themselves and the public during the initial phase of a pipeline emergency response.

Pipeline Technician (Course Code: H-310e): This advanced level course is for responders whose duties include planning and implementing control measures at pipeline emergencies.  It is designed to provide understanding of the characteristics of materials found in pipelines and guide responders in formulating and implementing safe and efficient responses to pipeline emergencies.

For more information regarding the pipeline response courses, contact Terry Boes at or by telephone at (512) 424-2844.