Man-made Hazards


For many years, we thought of thunderstorms and tornadoes when we thought about the hazards we face within our region.  Historically, those severe weather incidents make up the majority of emergencies and disasters that we have faced.  However, following the tragic incidents of September 11, 2001, the nation as a whole began to recognize that mankind can be a hazard.  Actually, long before the 9/11 attacks, man has been creating hazards.  As we interface with nature and our environment, we inadvertently have created hazards.  We transport natural gas and other products through pipelines that can rupture, leading to a hazardous material release.  While we can plan for and even predict some hazards, other, like man, can be unpredictable.

Man-made hazards, like severe weather, is a broad category.  It is because of that broadness that preparing for man-made hazards can be challenging.  Awareness of the different types of man-made hazards is necessary to better understand what steps you must take to be prepared.  These hazards can be either intentional or accidental.  Acts of terrorism and mass violence are intended to do harm, while pipeline breaks may occur by accident.

Man-made hazards within the HOTCOG region include:

  • Gas Wells & Pipelines
  • Terrorism
  • Acts of Mass Violence