Severe Weather


Severe Weather – Overview

If carrying an umbrella on an overcast day and parking in a covered area is your idea of severe weather preparedness, then this section is for you.  Within the Heart of Texas region, severe weather is one of the greatest hazards facing our communities.  Those who have experienced a tornado or flash flood will testify that the weather here can be devastating.  Luckily, most weather events can be predicted.  The first step to being prepared is to understand that severe weather can happen at any time. Even more importantly, it can happen to you!

Severe Weather Facts

According to the National Weather Service’s StormReady campaign, each year Americans face an average of:

  • 10,000 thunderstorms
  • 1,500 flooding events
  • 1,000 tornadoes
  • 6 hurricanes

Severe weather hazards within the region include: