About Hail

Hail is another underestimated hazard in the HOTCOG region. Hail is created when raindrops pass through cold air on their way to the Earth. These destructive nuggets of ice range in size from very small to extremely large and most often cause extensive damage to property and vehicles.  Think a little frozen water isn’t that dangerous? Consider that these chunks of ice can fall from the sky at speeds over 100 miles per hour!  With that in mind, taking cover when hail is possible sounds like a good idea after all.

 Hail Facts

  • Approximately 24 people are injured each year as a result of hail.
  • Hailstones can vary in size, from the size of a pea to larger than a grapefruit.
  • Agricultural crops take the majority of damage from hail storms.  These damages cost millions of dollars each year!
  • The costliest thunderstorm event with hail occurred in Fort Worth, Texas (just 50 minutes North of our region) in 1995.

–Source: NOAA

Staying Safe When The Sky Is Falling

  • If stormy weather is coming toward you, move cars, boats, RVs, and lawn and patio furniture into a covered area.
  • Seek shelter during a storm.  No matter what size hailstones are falling, they are dangerous when pushed by high winds.
  • Use caution if outside.  Not only is hail dangerous, but it can also cause roadways and sidewalks to become slick.

— Source: National Weather Service